Reinforced Asbestos Composite Sheet
October 11, 2019
Reinforced Non-asbestos Composite Sheet
October 11, 2019

Non Asbestos Sheet


Non Asbestos Sheet Manufacturers in China

YuYao IceGan Seals & Gaskets Factory is one of the leading non asbestos sheet manufacturers in China. We produce tens of thousands of asbestos and related sheets every year. There may be a lot of non asbestos sheet manufacturers out there in the market, but not everyone is the same.

Our primary products include Gals Fiber & Asbestos Sealing Material, PTFE Sealing Material, Nature Rubber Sealing Material, Reinforced Non-asbestos Composite Sheet, Reinforced Graphite  Sheet, and others. Kindly visit our ‘products’ tab for further details.Non-asbestos sheets are commonly used for roofing. They are considered among standard solutions for roofing material. However, their popularity in the gasket industry has led to flat board manufacturing of standard size, which is used for the partition wall.

They have become famous for partition walls due to their lightweight and ease of handling. Non-asbestos sheets encompass Kevlar fiber, natural rubber, filling material, and dye. These sheets are compressed under high temperature to form a sheet form. The material eliminates the asbestos-rubber layer thoroughly.

Top Non-Asbestos Sheet Suppliers

Non-asbestos gaskets can be utilized for application where oil resistance or water is needed. Typically, non-asbestos gasket sheets are used in transformers, low-pressure apparatus, and compressors. Non-asbestos sheet manufacturers use materials such as PTFE graphite, etc., to be used as reinforcing fibers. These fibers come along with properties like chemical resistance, heat resistance, temperature resistance, etc. Non-asbestos gasket sheets are made through aramid fibers, organic fibers, mineral fibers, and NBR. The characteristics of these fibers make sure that the performance of the sheets is not affected by discontinuing the usage of asbestos.

One more aspect, they hold putty quite well, and hence any color paint can be applied. Non-asbestos sheets are increasingly used in offices and other workplaces where excellent appearances are required in less cost and time.

We at YuYao IceGan Seals & Gaskets Factory specialize in producing and exporting cylinder head gaskets materials alongside metal anchors. We have an excellent design team and a modern production line together.We provide high-quality sealing products via strict quality checks at every step of our production system. We also guarantee 100% market competitive prices on our high-quality sheets products. Our friendly, qualified client representatives will ensure excellent service throughout. In addition to our seamless tracking order system, our easy-to-reach sales workforce keep provides customers with prompt updates regarding their orders.

If you are searching for one among various non asbestos sheet manufacturers, we are the safest option for you.

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