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October 11, 2019
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October 11, 2019

Nature Rubber Sealing Material


IG-008-01 Insulation,anti-static & conductive rubber sheet series
Size: 3~80mm X 500~2000mm
Performance: Some elasticity work in the conductive surroundings,the maximum insulation voltage can reach 100000V
Usage: Widely applied in the transformer station,power plant and electricity distributing station.
Density: 1.6g/cm3
Presssure : 5Mpa
Tension: 280%
Hardness: 65¡À5 Shore A
Color: Black or other colors
Package: Kraft,woven bag,thin film.the packing length and weight can be specified by the customers

IG-008-02 Strip round dot & cloth marks rubber sheet series:
Performance: With middle pressure,water-proof and anti-slip features
Usage: The application of this kind of product is very wide,they can be applied to the decoration and pavement of table,ground and walkway in the hotel,gymnasium,meeting room,airport,port,shipping and vehicles
Specific Gravity: 1.5-1.7g/cm3
Tearing: 3Mpa
Tension: 250%
Hardness: 65¡À5 Shore A
Feature: Produced by drum type vulcanizing machine,no junction,shaped through one process procedure,fresh luster and no pollutions;Cordially welcome customers supply the samples with all kind of patterns,we are wiling to develop new products with you
Luster: Black,red,green,grey etc and other colors are also available
Package: Woven bag,thin film bag The packing length and weight can be specified by the customers.

IG-008-03 Poison-free,food grade rubber sheet series
Specification: 1~80mm X 500~2000mm
Performance: Poison and odor free,good elasticity.
Usage: Tool fittings used in the foods process sites and foods industry
Specific Gravity: 1.6 g/cm3
Tearing: 4Mpa
Tension: 300%
Hardness: 60¡À5 Shore A
Feature: This kind of rubbers sheet is made of poison & odor free raw materials,no harmful ingredients to human beings,same luster and no pollutions
Luster: Red and white
Package: Kraft paper,woven bag,film bag

IG-008-04 Special rubber sheet series

Specification: 1~80mm X 500~2000mm
Performance: High temperature bearing performance, the maximum temperature reaches 200oC and good oil resisting feature
Usage: Work in the low, high temperature and oil media, apply to punch oil seals, washer, sealing stripe, used in the medical, chemical and foods industry
Specific Gravity: 1.25g/cm3
Tearing: 6Mpa
Tension: 400%
Hardness: 60¡À5 Shore A
Luster: Silicon rubber sheets with all kinds of luster,fresh and bright

Specification: 2~80mm X 500~2000mm
Performance: The best oil resisting, inflaming retarding, high temperature bearing, anti chemical corrosion and anti-aging performance
Usage: Apply to punch all kinds of oil resisting, inflaming retarding or high temperature bearing products with high requirements, or pavement in the above occasions, also used in the tank lining in the corrosive chemical products
Specific Gravity: 2 g/cm3
Tearing: 8Mpa
Tension: 300%
Hardness: 75¡À5 Shore A
Feature: Super-width & super-length,has luster on the surface,win high & new technology awards
Specification: 1~80mm X 500~2000mm
Performance: Work in the temperature of -30oC-100oC, with the feature of oil-proof, climate bearing and anti aging
Usage: Apply to the rubber construct of bridge engineering, roof water-proof, rubber washer and sealing fittings with high requirements
Specific Gravity: 1.4 g/cm3
Tearing: 5Mpa
Tension: 250%
Hardness: 70 Shore A

IG-008-05 General rubber sheet series
Specification: 1~80mm X 500~2000mm£»
Performance: With middle pressure,work in the -15oC-60oC surroundings,with the features of water-proof,anti-shock and sealing;
Usage: According to the requirements of technical parameters,which can be applied to manufacture of kinds of sealing buffer washer,rubber mat,seals and the decoration and pavement of ground;
Luster: Black,milk white,grey,red,green,blue,etc
Package: Woven bag 50Kg/volume,100Kg/volume or customize the length to pack in accordance with the needs of the customer
Specific Gravity: 1.60 g/cm3
Tearing: 3.0Mpa
Tension: 250%
Hardness: 70¡À5 Shore A

IG-008-06 Cloth insertion rubber sheet series
Specification: 1.5~80mm X 500~2000mm
Performance: With middle pressure,strong tense and small distortion;
Usage: Punching seals and rings,which are applied to light conveying strap and work in the surroundings with high strength requirements;
Specific Gravity: 1.4-1.6 g/cm3
Tearing: 3.5Mpa
Tension: 200%
Hardness: 70¡À5 Shore A
Feature: All insertion rubber sheets can be smooth surface,rough surface,cloth marks surface,twin-smooth surface,twin-cloth marks surface to satisfy the requirements of the customers;
Luster: Customized according to the colors provided by the customers
Package: Woven bag 50Kg/volume,100Kg/volume or customize the length to pack in accordance with the needs of the customer.

IG-008-07 Oil-proof rubber sheet
Specification: 1~80mm X 500~2000mm
Performance: work temperature -30oC-80oC; work in the oil(engine oil,diesel,petrol and lubricant oil),with the feature of seal and anti-expansion.
Usage: Apply to punch all kinds of anti-oil seals,airproof parts,rings and the pavement of grease touching work table,ground and electronic sites;
Feature: Special specifications and special technical requirements products can be produced in order to meet the needs of the customers;This product win the ministry excellent products awards
Package: Specify the packing length and weight in the internal film and external woven bag.

Specific Gravity: 1.5 g/cm3
Tearing: 4.5Mpa
Tension: 300%
Hardness: 60¡À5 Shore A
Feature: Widely applied to the electronic and thermal aging sites,which can be used as oil proof materials
Specific Gravity: 1.5 g/cm3
Tearing: 5.0Mpa
Tension: 280%
Hardness: 65¡À5 Shore A
Feature: Oil-proof materials,which can be used as the sealing in the oil tank and oil pipeline

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